Best Superbowl commercials of all times


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Certain occasions are great for brands to advertise their product due to the great amount of viewers on the other side of the screen. The problem usually is that apart from the high cost of airing the commercial, the competition is fierce, and therefore it is necessary to create something original that the audience will remember. Here is where advertising agencies come into play, putting their creativity and storytelling skills at the service of marketing.

One of those previously mentioned occasions is, with no doubts, the super bowl. Every years some of the biggest multinationals in the world fight for the title of best ad of the year. It is very difficult to choose just a few given the high quality of most of the ads broadcasted every year, but here you can find a small selection, I hope you enjoy them.

1. Reebok – Terry Tate Office Linebreaker (2003)

2. Old Spice – The man your man could smell like (2003)

3. Apple – Macintosh Commercial (1984)

4. Budlight – The Classroom (2007)

5. Budweiser – Wassup (1999)

6. EDS – Cat Herders (2005)

7. Doritos -The Funeral (2010)

8. McDonalds – The Showdown

As said before these are only a few examples, there are lots of great commercials broadcasted every year. Starting from creatives, and ending in the video production company that shoots the commercial, these are the kind of tv ads that anyone in the industry dreams to take part in.

After the Superbowl commercials for 2013 were unveiled, does any of them deserve  a place in this list?

This is a guest post by Beyond 190 Studio Dubai, a media production agency, that specialises the production of tv commercials, corporate videos, feature films and documentaries. You can find some examples of their work here.


The Athlete Machine by Red Bull – An amazing corporate video


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Here I leave you an amazing video that Red Bull fed to its social channels recently and that has rapidly become viral with more than 12 million views. The video, that resembles the idea of the very well known Honda commercial “The Cog“, shows some of the best athletes in the worlds, such as the Skater Joey Brezinsky or the car driver Bryce Menzies doing amazing things. I won´t say anything else, just watch it!


Sports, Social Media and Fan Communities


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Today browsing around the web I found a quite interesting documentary that study how the relationship between sports clubs and fans and their supporters have changed after Social Media came into play. Despite the amateur look of the film, it gives very interesting insights by asking players, coaches and fans, and trying to figure out what has changed over time.

The documentary focuses mainly on Twitter and shows two key facts:

– In the first place, Social Media has allowed a higher interaction between the teams and its players, with their fans. Fans can not only send messages to their favourite athletes, which in some cases will be replied, the can also know much more about their lives, and even see the way they interact with their team mates. The documentary focuses on the female basketball team of the University of Maryland which has totally embraced Social Media not only has a way to engage with their fans, but also as a way to create a brand.

– In the second place, Sports are something very passional. People get very attached to their teams or favourite players and like to talk about it, discuss with people that support other teams, and get involved in activities and events that the club organizes. With Social Media, that level of engagement has increased exponentially. The cause is that social media has turned the relationship between the different parts more human, not something institutional as it was before, and the more the fans get interact and get to know their idols, the higher the engagement.

Apart from its good things, Social Media has also its bad consequences, because the same way that it increases the level of exposure to the messages that clubs and players send, it also increases the responsibility to say sensible things and give a good example to fans.

Here you have the documentary, it is quite brief, only 15 minutes so if you are interested you can do it anytime:

After watching it, I also got to another conclusion, Social Media is inevitable a double sided thing for athletes that play for teams. While the level of engagement with social media is much better, and they can feel more the support of their fans when they play for a team, if they decide to sign for another team, a big majority of those fans will feel very disappointed, more than they would do if their relationship with players was not as personal. Therefore, the increased support and admiration for their idols, turns into an increased hatred towards them. Certainly not a very good position to be in…

Hope you enjoyed the post! I´ll try to keep on writing more often.

Mister Chip, the spanish football stats guru


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Hi there! It’s been a long time since I don’t write, I apologize but It’s been a very busy time and it’s been quite difficult to keep up with the blog. Now I’m back again willing to bring you some fresh content about how sports and social media interact with each other.

The article of this week is dedicated to Alexis Martin, AKA Mister Chip, an spanish football fan that has dedicated many hours of efforts to compile and obtain a large amount of information related to La Liga and it’s players, and who became famous after the rise of Twitter. The limited 140 characters of every tweet are completely suitable for his purpose, as it allows him to uncover curiosities and anecdotes about the championship, the teams and the players, backing all of them with the data the he meticulously collected over the years.

What he does must even seem non-sense, or a completely waste of time in the eyes of most of us, but the thruth is that he has become incredibly susccessful in the social networks, reaching almost 500.000 followers in twitter, and offering him to collaborate for various tv and radio programs, that include such well-known channels as ESPN, Diario AS and Onda Cero. Apart from covering the spanish league, he also does major european championships like the Europa League or the Champions League, and was specially active during the last summer Eurocup, which ended with Spain as the winner.

I’m going to leave you here some examples of what he usually shares through his Twitter account so you can understand why so many people have become addicted to it. Some of his latest tweets are:

Pizzi is the 4th player for Deportivo de la Coruña that scores a goal in it’s birthday

Juventus is the first football team ever to draw 8 consecutives matches in any european championship

Kombarov is the 15th team captain in history that scores an own-goal in the history of the Champions League

As you see, he is a guru of the football stats with lots of anecdotes and curious information to offer. Now he is also writting in english, so if you’re a massive football fan, don’t doubt to follow him!

Google Doodles get a gold in the Olympics


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One of the most characteristics things of Google is their doodles. Throughout the years they have become better and better at changing the logo of the search engine in beautiful and engaging ways. Sometimes it is just a nice image that integrates the Google brand in it, while in some others, they do interactive applications that engage witht he user. But the London Olympics are setting a new landmark for the company, taking their doodles to new levels.

The company has decided to showcase on their home page a new doodle, almost everyday while the competition takes place. Some applications are games about the different olympic sports such as Pole vault or basketball. After each game the user will obtain a score, in a very similar system to how it works in Angry Birds, and then share with friends. They have become very popular, I don´t think that I have been the only one to see friends competing on facebook to see who gets the best scores in the doodles.

In the majority of cases it has just been an image that represents a certain sport, but even in those cases, the quality have been quite good.

In the next few lines I´m gonna show some of the best doodles so far:

Basketball 2012 Doodle

google basketball doodleHurdles 2012 Doodlegoogle doodle hurdles

Syncronized Swimming Doodlesynchronized swimming doodle

Slalom Canoe DoodleSlalom Canoe Doodle

In Case you want to see some more doodles, you can find them all at:

Social media anecdotes of the Olympics, Part One


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As said in the previous post, the London Olympics will be remembered as the games of the Social Media. These words that were said before the competition started, seem to be quite true after a few days, as we have alredy some figures of the impact that the social networks are having on the way people watch the Olympics this year. This is just another proof of how fast sports marketing is changing.

In the first place, the great opening ceremony, directed by Danny Boyle, generated more than 9.66 million tweets, surely one of the biggest trending topics ever, if not the biggest. Although Twitter has not revealed what generated the highest peak of traffic, it seems like NBC´s decision of delaying the broadcast of the ceremony to fit into their prime-time coverage, was quite commented, even more than the scene when the Queen Elisabeth jumps from a helicopter, together with Daniel Craig, characterized as James Bond.

Also, some atlethes have used the social platforms in order to have a greater interaction with the people following the competition, although it seems like some of them had too much communication, like the case of Michel Morganella, a swiss football player that said through his twitter account that means something like “I want to beat up all south koreans, bunch of mentally retarded people”. As you might guess, he has been banned from the competition, for the unsporting behaviour. Next time he will think twice before saying things like that on social media…

In the last place, Mashable elaborated a very interesting infographic about the use that olympics fans do of Facebook. I think it is worth a watch as it gives us a very good idea of what atlethes are more popular in the net and what are their preferences in things like brands or movie shows.Facebook and the Olympics 2012

The London Eye will be the thermometer of the London Olympics


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London 2012 is going to be the Olympics of the Social Media, nobody has a doubt about it. The technology is becoming part of one of the most ancient traditions of the humanity. I don´t think that the greeks could ever imagine that the games they created would be broadcasted around the world, and even less, that people would be able to comment them, and know the opinion of people thousands of miles away from them. I guess it just shows that the world is moving on, and believe it or not, not always in a bad way.

The British utility EDF energy, is going to make possible that the London Eye, one of the most iconic structures in the English capital, is able to show how British feel about the Olympics. This is will be possible thanks to the Social Media expert Mike Thelwall, and The London Eye in London 2012 Olympicsa lingüistic team, that using a powerful algorithm will translate what people accross the country write on Twitter, into different moods: happy, sad or indifferent. Depending on that comments, the Eye will glow yellow if British are happy, purple if sad and green if indifferent.

The light-show will take place every night for half an hour, and it seems quite clear that it will depend on the performance of the national team. Knowing how much British like betting, will they bet on this?

The Most Valuable Sports Teams of 2012


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The 50 most valuable teams in the world


This infographic shows what are the richest and most valuable sports team in the world. As seen above, Football keeps dominating, with 4 teams among the first 10 (1º- Manchester United, 2º- Real Madrid, 8º-Barcelona and 10º- Arsenal). The second more valuable category is American Football with 3 teams (3º- Dallas Cowboys, 6º- New England Patriot, 9º- New York Giants) although in total, out of the 50 teams in the infographic, 32 belong to this sport.

The third most important category is Baseball, with a total of 7 teams, the same as Football, but they are not as valuable. The richest teams here are the New York Yankees – 3rd Position, together with the Dallas Cowboys – and Los Angeles Dodgers in the sixth position, also shared with the New England Patriots.

In my opinion the biggest surprise was basketball. The NBA is the most important basket championship in the world, with wholesale brands such as the Lakers or the champions of the last year, the Miami Heats, with players like Lebron James or Dwyane Wade. However, there are only two teams, the aforementioned Lakers and the New York Knicks.

In the last place, Racing has only two teams in the ranking, but we have to take into consideration that there are only 20 teams in the world, which reflects the importance of this achievement. Here, clear star is Ferrari, in the 15 position.
Source: Forbes

The MLB gets social


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Today I read a quite surprising and shocking article about the Major League of Baseball, they are becoming social!Did you ever want to live a game from inside? Well, tomorrow will be your lucky day, you will be able to know what players think during the match.

Apparently, the MLB has asked its players to share on Social Media their thoughts about the match live. Of course, it will have restrictions and only players who are already out of the game will be allowed to tweet or post on Facebook. According to Matt Bourne, Major League Baseball´s vice president of business relations, “after a player leaves the game, they do a media circuit: Typically they talk to Fox – the game´s broadcaster – and some print reporters. Now we´ve added one more step for the players´postgame wrap-up: the social media room”

The main doubt comes when thinking about the authenticity of the tweets, will players who didn´t tweet before do it now? probably not, they likely will have somebody tweeting and engaging with their fans for them. I think that the idea is pretty good and tries to bring people closer to sport and to the atlhetes they like, but is it really gonna make a difference?, are players gonna say something about the match on social media, different to what they say on TV?

I think that the most innovative thing, is the Q&A session between fans and players as in my opinion, it is the most innovative thing. MLB all star game 2012It is not about a player sending a message to the public analysing what is going on in the match, it is a player actually answering questions from their fans, and I think it is very a very interesting experiment. For that purpose, and knowing that not all players have social media profiles, the MLB has allowed them to choose between posting from their personal accounts, or through the MLB All Star Game Twitter account, the Major League Baseball Player´s Association, or the MLB´s Facebook Page.

The first MLB All Star Game 2012 will be the first one to have with social media integration, and will take place tomorrow tuesday 10th july.

New Adidas´ Tumblr campaign for the Euro 2012. Nothing new under the sun…


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I have just noticed the new Adidas campaign for the Euro 2012, using the new feature that Tumblr has launched recenly, Tumblr Radar. The blogging platform has finally decided to launch a featured ad service that will allow advertisers to promote their blogs, and Tumblr to create a new revenue stream. The main difference that Tumblr Radar over the rest of services is that the company is being very selective with the campaigns they get involved into, as Danielle Strle, the company´s director of product has recognized and that instead of just text or image, it is also possible to use videos as ads.

What Adidas has done, is to create a video featuring fooball superstars such as Van Persie, Leo Messi or Xabi Alonso saying the word “Tumblr” in the different accents. That video redirected users to the Adidas Football blog in the platform, a Pinterest like space where videos, animated gifs and pictures are displayed, and people can interact with them by liking and commenting. However, apart from the fact that Tumblr Radar is a new service, and the aforementioned differences with the rest of ad serving platforms like facebook ads, there is nothing really innovative. In my opinion, in the way that Adidas has used the platform, as a place to display videos and pictures Pinterest is much better, as it has a very sleek design and using the board system it is possible to see all the pictures at just one glance. In spite of the quality of the images shown, which are very colourful and attractive, the main feeling is of a very cluttered environment, with content showcased in not a very appealing way.

Adidas Tumblr CampaignAlthough I still haven´t seen the final results, it seems like they are accomplishing their main objective which is engaging with the audience, but for me it´s just another social media campaign more, nothing new under the sun…

What do you think? the debate is open, I would love to see your opinions.